Sustainability. The word used so much these days that it becomes kind of over-used. Yet the core values this word represents is the core values AKO Team is working with.

Electric vehicles is not something out of space today. Even though we believe it should have happened many years ago it is not something we focus on. We focus on the future and the more we analyse it, the more we see it. 

Eco-mobility – last mile solutions, car sharing & AVs are the topics around the media recent years and even though it is fascinating, we see another side of it. The big picture here is amazing – we move towards clean world, with super-low emissions & stable nature. Of course it is hard, it requires so much effort and yet – sometimes it seems impossible.

As every new gadget, device, vehicle is approaching our everyday life – it is usually made as cheap & simple as possible. The companies want to produce new things as fast as possible & generate revenue as well. It does make sense from the business side here, but what is the point of all this money if our planet is starving & so imbalanced? We should stop acting as if there were another Earth to live on. 

Sustainable does not only mean electric & nature-friendly. It is way more than that. Sustainable design, engineering, materials, energy – you name it. These are our values. We designed the vehicle based on automotive sports design, we engineered the body leaning system based on pure mechanics, our power-train is electric & we work on optimizing the parts count & complexity for manufacturing processes. 

Based on Vilnius city, capital of Lithuania, there is only 1.2 person sitting in the regular 5-seated car. Yes it is comfort, yes the vehicle is so nice to have & no we do not like traffic jams. Of course we cannot solve the traffic jam problem by presenting a new vehicle to the market. No. But the idea here is to dive to the core of the problem and try to change the mindset here. Typical everyday rides are from 6 to 25 kilometers on average. People go to work, bring their kids to school, go shopping – round and round. When you think about it – these rides are essential and getting trapped in a traffic jam makes it such a nonsense to waste time this way. 

8.5 square meters is the average size of a typical 5-seated car. 8.5 square meters for 1.2 person. We call it physical space occupation problem. Other startups are trying to solve it by introducing a small-physical-footprint vehicles to the market. These look & drive wonderful. Besides, adding AI to them makes them so hi-tech! But we forget one thing here. 

AI is great change for city infrastructure. Small-physical-footprint vehicles is another great approach here. All-electric, from sustainable energy sources. Sounds good. But we want to add one more variable here. A person. 

It is no secret that first 4-wheeled vehicles were electric. Later on we had amazing revolutions where petrol based 4-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles became something that a person could not imagine his life without. Something that would change the movement of human kind forever. And a vehicle became a thing of expression. The way of getting from point A to B in style & comfort.

We compare these revolutions with the one that is approaching now and we can see that as the years went by the human interaction with the vehicle became less and less apparent. This so called god-illusion was introduced. We spin the steering wheel without any struggle, we push the gas pedal and we accelerate at speeds no one could ever imagine. Only the motorcycle enthusiasts can get the true sensation of rider & a vehicle as one. Not anymore.

2.5 square meters. All-electric. Leans like a motorcycle, steers like a car. Traffic jam? Lock the leaning ant start steering like a car. Out of the city? Unlock the leaning and start having fun. We bring back the fun factor to the riding. All based on pure mechanics. We introduce an opportunity to have a stable vehicle, capable of being both – a motorcycle & a car. And literally – a clean one, no maintenance. Closed roof – no rain, no messy hair, no helmet. Airbags, two seats. Electric beast. Oh and it looks so damn good. Sustainable.