On the road to sustainability.

We are building a vehicle that redefines the three-wheelers.

A trike. AKO Trike

Without a doubt the unsustainable world is coming to an end. EVs already redefining the industry & successfully showing us this eco-world picture. Find out the AKO vision to the sustainable future.

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Sustainable is the future yet it does not have to be a boring golf-cart. With a new design approach AKO fills the segment between motorcycles and cars. Based on automotive sports approved design solutions.

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The sense of clean, maintenance-free vehicle. The ultimate power & future combination.
The perfection of expression.
Every line, every detail.
You name it.

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Three wheeled sustainability

The AKO Team sets it’s priorities at sustainability & pure engineering. One of the core AKO Trike values is physical footprint which is 2.5 times smaller compared to a regular vehicle. But why so? According to statistics* there is only 1.2 person per one 5-seater vehicle driving in the city. It is no secret that bringing a new vehicle to the market does not solve the traffic-jams problem BUT it does solve the physical footprint space occupation problem. To put it in simple words – you take up less physical space, you don’t need such big battery for better range so it charges faster, there is more space left for others – everyone is happy.

* Vilnius city (capital of Lithuania) statistics, 2019

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