It’s not about replacing your 5-seater. It’s about bringing back the fun to driving. The feeling.

Patent-pending no. 2019 022

AKO is like a small airplane on wheels. The trike has first in the segment body leaning system solution which is based on pure mechanics. Why so? It brings the natural feeling to riding, the sense of you & whole vehicle as one. Nobody has done this before and we filed a patent for it.

Prototype Proven

The timeline dates back to 2011. The first thoughts about pure mechanical solution for such body leaning system were born, first sketches were drawn by Artūras himself. Few years later fully working 3D CAD model was drawn proving that this concept may work. 

2016 was the year when Artūras found a student that would take the concept & draw first conceptual designs for the whole vehicle. This is the year when AKO name was born & won the Young Designers award. The built of concept-proof prototype began. 

2018 first successful prototype test-rides were made. Equipped with BMW K75 motorcycle power-train & Harley-style jockey. The concept worked way better than expected so we decided to take it to another level. 

Tandem two-seater.
With an ability for two 190 cm height persons to sit inside without any comfort losses.

Leans just like a motorcycle.
Traffic jam? Lock the leaning system and steer just like a regular car.

2 times smaller physical footprint compared to a regular 5-seater car.
No more selfish space occupation.

Completely unique & dope design approach. Get your kid to school and ride to work in style. No dirt, no maintenance, pure sense of clean & eco.

To the special ones.
AKO is developing a KIT designed for people with certain disabilities to ease the riding experience, to make them feel whole again.

Sustainable. From design all the way to the power-train. With all-electric powertrain & pure mechanical kinematics. The expression perfection.

Target specifications*


○ 300km+ range.
○ Motor output power up to 140kW.
○ 26kWh battery pack.
○ DC fast charge.
○ 25min from 20-80% on standard charge.
○ 550kg gross weight

Power and range are yet to be adjustable by user preferred configuration & use case scenarios.


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* At the time of this publication engineering analysis and the available technology allows the described parameters to be true. The product described here is subject to change as currently the engineering, development & prototyping is happening. AKO Trike does not accept any liability for the change of technical data or information. May 2019.

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