Prototype Zero

AKO timeline goes back to 2011. While stuck in the traffic jam, Artūras – the founder, the engineer, the motorcycle enthusiast & a father of three – starts thinking about a completely different solution for three-wheeler body leaning system.

While analysing 1997 Mercedes Benz Lifejet concept he came up with an idea of redefining the kinematics and making it pure mechanical. MB concept is based on hydraulics. First draft sketches were made and the project got put aside.

Months later the sketches were brought back on the desk. Artūras started solving the problem. One year later, with the help of Lukas (co-founder) working CAD model was born. Pure mechanical solution for body leaning system was finally working on the computer. Why mechanical?  Cheaper to manufacture. Brings the natural feeling to the riding. Makes you & the vehicle as one.

2016 was the year when Artūras found a Vilnius Academy of Arts student Lukas Avėnas who started making first designs for a three-wheeled vehicle with pure mechanical body leaning system. This is the year when AKO name was born. Lukas won the young designers award for AKO concept. Artūras started assembling the Prototype Zero.

BMW K75 motorcycle. The cafe-racer enthusiasts beloved motorcycle. The flying-brick. This is what drives the Prototype Zero. A concept-proof prototype with fully working kinematics and one seat. Harley-Davidson’s style Jockey shift. We call it a red-neck prototype. It was 2018 when first successful test-rides were achieved. 

On the same year, Dominykas & Jurgis joined the team. Dominykas is an automotive designer. He took over Lukas work and redefined the trike. Jurgis joined as electrical power-train engineer & later took the lead as CEO.

2019 Feb. AKO Trike gets selected to participate at Latvian based hardware startup accelerator Buildit.LV

2019 Apr. AKO Trike files the patent for kinematics. Nobody has ever done this before and we proved it.

2019 May. The Prototype Zero is getting it’s final upgrades. As the test-rides went way better then expected – we decided to take it to another level. We added the profile lines based on Dominykas updated design to get the overall interior & exterior feeling.

The funny thing is – nobody has ever did it like this before and we do not have anyone to copy from. We are already working on the second prototype, based on electric power-train and updated kinematics.

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