Something that began as a personal challenge became an epic venture. With the idea of bringing back the pleasure of riding, in the world of autonomous-to-be. Keeping the priorities of high-quality engineering & design, naturalness & simplicity. Enhancing the feature set of a regular motorcycle by providing additional safety & stability. A team of five individuals who disrupt.

It all started in 2007, with a random moment in time when a certain person saw a particular vehicle and simply decided that he could do better. That’s how Artūras Mikalauskas – the founder – got inspired by the concept car Mercedes Benz F300 Life Jet. Over the years, the inspiration turned into a slight obsession when every aspect of his life pointed to the need for the creation of a vehicle that would help to avoid current issues such as traffic, pollution, and the occasional dullness of everyday life. The obsession materialized when Arturas and his colleague stepped beyond the drawings and brought the project to a 3D environment. The simulation has proven that the system may actually work and that was the moment that fueled AKO Team to push this project to its limits by maxing out on all the physical and emotional resources – as it wasn’t just a project anymore. It was the beginning of the creation of Trike.

It was in 2016 when the trike design developed its primary shape and got wider recognition – it was when the project really gained momentum. From then until the year 2018 – Artūras dedication and the time spent in his garage, that he sneaked to every night after putting his children to sleep, resulted in the first trike prototype ZERO. The success of the prototype has only inspired the growing team to push it even further and turn a passion project into possibly the most meaningful creation of their lives; a revolutionary vehicle that evolved from nothing else but a mere chance, driven by the persistence of a group of crazy enough people to bet everything they’ve got on that chance.

In 2019, AKO entered a Latvian-organized Buildit Hardware Accelerator and not only managed to get into it but also to gain global recognition as one of great potential-having automotive start-ups. On top of that, the invaluable knowledge and experience in the fields of marketing, business development, and global strategy has laid even stronger foundations for AKO Trike future. That was celebrated with the construction of AKO trike’s second prototype – MVP.

2020 is the year that we’ve harnessed the power of a global paradigm shift and used its energy to our advantage. With the second prototype finished, we’ve improved the design, completed a countless number of test-drives, and made sure that AKO trike is ready to take one last step further towards the final product. With support from the EU, international recognition, and a filled-up tank of drive and inspiration, we’re ready for 2021 – the year when AKO trike will not only be ready to disrupt the market but change peoples’ lives, too.


From the inception of the idea – to trike’s first sketches – to its final prototype – our dynamic team has undergone some developments, too. Started as a team of one, Artūras had the energy and passion of at least ten men to keep the idea of trike alive for over 9 years, until it gained its first visual appearance. In 2016, Artūras decided that his enthusiasm and drawing skills aren‘t on the same level, so he went on to find a crazy enough designer who would join him on this venture. That‘s how Lukas Avėnas joined the team and began his own personal journey with AKO. With no real knowledge of motorbikes, it took a lot of dedication from Luka‘s side and months of mentorship from Artūras – to finally have produced the first AKO Trike concept design.

Since then, we’ve always had the right people at the right time, doing the right thing. Undertaking professional, as well as personal challenges we’ve grown together as individuals and as a team. It only strengthened us as a unit and prepared us for any future challenges we’ll yet to experience.  Now, AKO team is stronger than ever and is more than ready to take this thing to the finish line.


The trike has been built out of a spontaneous idea, born into a crazy-enough man’s head to follow it through. Posed as an engineering quest rather than a money-focused business plan, when it comes to the history of the origin of Trike, we cannot help but feel tempted to compare it to Darwin’s Origin of species, in a sense. As Darwinism defines the theory of biological evolution, based on the development through natural selection that increases the individual’s ability to compete – so the creation of trike has been nothing else but an exciting journey of experimentation and adaptation, that has led us to this immaculate final product. With each prototype emerging more evolved than the other, improved following the laws of nature not only by its engineering solutions but also by its flawless design… AKO trike is coming into its final shape.


As the genius of engineering Leonardo Da Vinci said: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Trust us when we say there is nothing simple or ordinary about this intuitive trike’s engineering. But when it comes to its nature-inspired shapes, we’ve followed a minimalistic approach that led us to its extraordinary design. The design of this trike is inspired by the forms of nature, combined with raw technical elements. Following the concept of ‘less is more’ – trike’s sleek shapes are built following the dynamics of an airstream. Our creative challenge is to combine art with technology; mix nature with electronics and merge simplicity with engineering genius, in order to build a vehicle that would make you turn around. Twice. Take a picture with it… And, eventually, create an uncontrollable desire to ride it. That’s what makes this trike so memorable and exciting.


With our strong team, enormous dedication, and outstanding technology we are inevitably heading towards a more sustainable; more affordable; more enjoyable; a much cooler vehicle than your ordinary motorbike or a car. The question here isn’t whether you’ll like it or not. It’s whether you’ll be crazy enough to try it.

AKO Trike Prototype 3